Lost and Found

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Eastside Veterinary Associates and Renton Animal Control have been working together this past year to care for stray and neglected animals found in the City of Renton. We provide a warm bed, meal and veterinary care for all the pets that come in. It’s been great to establish a relationship with the caring Animal Control Officers and local humane society/rescues where the pets go to if their owners are not found. After creating this new relationship, a few pet ownership reminders have been brought to light:

  • Make sure your pet has a ID tag on and is microchipped to give your pet the best chance to be reunited with you. Bonus points if your pet has a license as they get a free ride home!

Unfortunately, many stray pets get loose in situations that can happen to all of us, like a recent storm creating a hole in your fenced yard. Or your dog getting scared by thunder, fireworks, or Halloween,  and running out the door. Life happens! You never think your pet will get loose, but it happens to many of us including me! If your pet isn’t microchipped yet, don’t wait!

  • Fleas, fleas and more fleas! The vast majority of these pets come in with flea infestations. Fleas are very prevalent in our area, even in December. Flea control is soooo important year-round. And don’t forget that fleas transmit tapeworms. Yuk!
  • All pets deserve TLC. Some of these animals have been neglected and are very scared when they come to us. It’s amazing what a good meal, treats, and extra petting can do to have a scared animal feel at home.
  • The image of a big scary animal pound is not reality. The Animal Control Officers truly care about helping these animals. They will come in just to check on the pets and ask how they are doing!

Microchipping your pet takes a matter of minutes and we register them for you with your current address and phone number, making it very easy! If you are a City of Renton resident, free microchipping is available for your pet(s), thanks to a private donor. No appointment is needed. You can bring your pet(s) in Monday-Friday from 11:30am-12:00pm to receive a free microchip! Please show your driver’s license with a Renton address for proof of residency. Please call us at (425) 276-4100 with any questions.

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