• Jan 12 2022

    cat holding up paw

    Frito Feet: Why Do My Pet’s Paws Smell Like Corn Chips?

    Have you ever caught a whiff of corn chips when you are close to your dog’s paws? If so, you might wonder if you are imagining things. Chances are, you’re…

  • May 24 2018

    Preparing your dog for a new baby

    First off, congratulations! What an exciting time preparing for a new baby in your expanding home. Many owners worry about what their fur babies will think of their new human…

  • Apr 30 2018

    Indoor cats want to play too!

    It’s spring! Finally time when most of us want to venture outside again. Tempting to our indoor kitties too! Life’s not safe out there for our feline friends with the…

  • Mar 30 2018

    Lost and Found

    Eastside Veterinary Associates and Renton Animal Control have been working together this past year to care for stray and neglected animals found in the City of Renton. We provide a…

  • Feb 07 2018

    Can your dog or cat get the flu?

    YES! Dogs and cats can get the canine flu, but not from you if you happen to have the flu. Although transmission is not occuring between human and dog, the…

  • Oct 25 2016

    Featured patient: Taz

    Taz is one of our inspiring rock star patients! He has gone through a tremendous amount of veterinary care for only being 5 years old. Taz had back surgery and…