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Cat Condo

1 Canine guest



Additional canine guest in same suite



Up to 3 Feline guests from same family


1 Feline Guest



Additional Feline guest in Suite or Condo


+$17/cat (only for small cats or kittens)

Day Boarding



At our animal hospital in Renton, pet boarding is offered as a service to our patients to ease our client’s concerns about leaving their pets. Our expert medical team is uniquely qualified to take care of your pet, especially if they have special medical needs. Dr. Hung was inspired by her own patients who had unique medical needs that neighbors, boarding facilities or pet sitters were not able to help with.

  • Argos – a handsome yellow lab who eventually lost function of his hind legs and was wheelchair bound. He had pressure sores that needed treatment, and an easy flat surface that his wheelchair can roll on.
  • Snickers – a happy puppy who had giardia and coccidia, but was turned away by all boarding facilities due to his positive fecal result despite starting treatment.
  • Tigger – a striking bengal cat with diabetes who needed insulin injections twice a day, and occasional blood glucose measurements.
  • Shiloh – a sweet and outgoing cat who used up a few of his 9 lives, and now has kidney disease. He needed subcutaneous fluids daily.
  • Countless patients who come to our veterinary hospital for treatment after getting kennel cough or parasites from other boarding facilities.

Our pet parents are so committed to their pets that they sometimes missed important trips because of their pets’ medical needs. Dr. Hung vowed and made it her mission to care for her patients while their parents were out of town to give them peace of mind. As our result, our boarding facility was created from the ground up, specially designed by engineers who specialize in animal care facilities.

No other boarding facility in this area has gone to these great measures to ensure the happiness, health, and safety of your pet. We all know that we can get sick from someone who was sneezing or coughing, or every time you go on an airplane trip! That is because the germs linger in the air and on surfaces.

Every kennel and cat condo has its own supply and return of air that is UV filtered. Cat and Dog zones are separated and have their own HVAC units to provide air conditioning and heat. Glass doors keep any respiratory droplets away! Every surface is pressure washed and disinfected with an eco-friendly cleaner that is Peroxide based. There is no harmful residue ever because the cleaner breaks down into hydrogen and oxygen. Each kennel has its own individual drain. In case there is an accident, no problem! All poop is flushed down the toilet and floors pressure washed to create the most clean and sanitary environment! We provide amenities such as clean bedding and food and water bowls. To maintain the highest level of hygiene, we cannot accept any bowls, bedding, or toys from home as we need to be able to sanitize all surfaces.  We will administer any needed medication and follow your specified feeding regimen. Most pets do best with staying with their own special diet, but we do have a house sensitive stomach diet that we can offer if you didn’t bring your own. We can also provide a bath or nail trim before you pick up image3your pet.  You have the added benefit of knowing that one of our doctors will assess and promptly begin treatment if your pet has a change in medical condition during his or her stay.

Boarding is offered as a service only for patients of Eastside Veterinary Associates that are medically stable. For patients of other veterinary hospitals, we require a physical exam within the past 12 months with our veterinarians at Eastside Veterinary Associates to review your pet’s medical records, assess current medical condition, and to understand your pet’s unique medical needs. Boarding is staffed from 8 am to 6 pm. There is no overnight staff.

Current vaccinations and fecal analysis are requirements for boarding, but medical exceptions can be considered by the veterinarian during the medical review or wellness exam.

Take a look at our Boarding FAQs

To schedule an appointment to establish a veterinary client patient relationship with our veterinarians at Eastside Veterinary Associates, please call 425-276-4100 and allow time for scheduling as we may be scheduled out more than a month for new clients and new pets.