Amber Canpinpin

Customer Service Coordinator

Pets: Coal the Miniature Schnauzer

“A simple act of kindness and compassion towards one animal may not mean anything to all creatures, but will mean everything to one.” – Paul Oxton
Outside of work I’m usually huddled among my couch cushions reading a good book, or in my car with friends hunting for the next food spot. I also like to play board games, and collect video game consoles.
Coal was the best Christmas present I never asked for. I took him away from a neglectful space and gave him a big home and a nice yard to race around in. He is a clumsy but speedy little pup who has been my right-hand man since he was 10 weeks old. His best friend is a chicken named Yeyo, he likes to hunt flies, and his favorite things to play with are hair ties.