Cameron Man

Customer Service Coordinator

Pets: Good Sir Atticus - Terrier mix, Maurice - Siamese mix

“True love comes wrapped in fur – sometimes love likes to chew on cords and eat trash. We’ve all got quirks, don’t judge.”
I started at Eastside in 2021, but I have enjoyed working in the administrative field since 2018. It means a lot to know I am contributing to the quality care of loved pets in my community. I am so happy to be a part of a dedicated team with excellent standards, communication, and most of all, an adoration for the beautiful animals we are lucky enough to help.
Outside of work, I like to keep myself busy with projects. Whether it is remodeling or a new craft, I like keeping my hands and my mind busy. I spend most of my free time home where I can give my spoiled kitten the attention he demands, or taking Atticus to new places so he can explore. The Washington peninsula has been a favorite for everyone.
Atticus was a stray adopted into a family with another dog; they weren’t originally aware how possessive their first dog was and the two of them did not get along, so they had to make a tough decision. I am fortunate to take care of him! Atticus came to me a nervous wreck. With time he has opened up, but he is still quite the little old man and likes to laze around and get neck scritches most of the day. Within a few months of getting him, Atticus was diagnosed with IVDD and had emergency surgery to prevent paralysis from ruptured disks in his spine. The recovery was a brutal, exhausting process for everyone. The disease is degenerative, so we are keeping him as comfortable as possible. His back legs have reduced function, but we love him and his wobbly walk all the same. He is getting all the love he deserves and more!