Joanna Rahn

Customer Service Coordinator

Pets: Lana, a short-legged shepard mix; Chewbacca, a long-haired tortie; Julien, a very fat Turkish Van; Diggy and Darcy, little gerbil girls; and Rosie, a fluffy-eared teddy bear hamster.

“This too, shall pass.” – 12th century Persian poets Attar and Sanai, but also my mom.
I moved from Virginia Beach with my husband and two children in summer of 2017, and started working at EVA in the fall that year. I’ve worked at various veterinary practices over the years, starting with my first job ever as a kennel assistant when I was 15. I immediately knew that whatever I did in life, it would have to be in the service of animals and their loving people. Being here at EVA and working with those that feel the same passion as I do means the world to me.
How I ended up with Julien: I went shopping for shoes, I came home with a cat.
The local SPCA had an adoption event set up outside the mall I frequented, and I actively tried to avoid them on my way out; I had enough pets. I passed by this huge fluffy cat curled up in his little bed in his cage, and with a reluctant sideways glance, I immediately knew we belonged together. Fighting that thought, I drove home, crying the whole way, knowing I was being ridiculous. As soon as I got home, my husband saw how embarrassingly distraught I was and insisted on driving me right back to the shelter setup to get him. We’ve been together ever since. He chases the other pets, is constantly underfoot, yells when he’s bored, and gorges all my other cat’s prescription food, but he’s my baby.