Marie Andresen

Education: Washington State University

Pets: Teller

My name is Marie, and I am a student at Washington State University entering veterinary school in August 2018. At the core of everything I do, I aim to improve the lives of those around me. My love for animals, fascination with science, and innate desire to care for others compels me to address animal welfare in both a community and global setting. I am excited to start my vet school journey this year, and this summer am happy to be continuing to build my skills as a veterinary assistant and customer service coordinator here at Eastside Veterinary Associates. Something interesting about me is that I am currently raising a puppy for the organization Guide Dogs for the Blind. I will be raising him for about a year, starting from when I received him at 9 weeks of age until he is recalled for formal training to become a working guide dog between 14 and 18 months of age. You may see him around reception! On my days off, I love to explore the beautiful trails, mountains, and lakes in the area. The human-animal bond is incredible and unique, and I love to nurture it through my work each day.